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Gas Grill Smoker Box

Grocery | In stock
  • Dual smoker/humidifier accommodates liquids as well as wood chips
  • Reservoir holds liquids to keep food moist while grilling
  • Perforated platform holds wood chips or pellets to add smoky flavor
  • Cast iron provides even heat
  • Measures 6.0 In length by 4.0 Inches in width and 2.0 Inches in height

Add humidity to your grilling environment while also adding smoky flavor! this dual smoker/humidifier can accommodate liquids and wood chips or pellets for delicious, succulent foods. The even heat of the cast iron hits the liquid in its reservoir, creating steam that permeates the food on the grill. The open perforated platform holds your wood chips or pellets and allows for easy refills.

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